Honestly, I haven't noticed too much of a difference switching between my various sources on hand (Xperia Z2, Dell 13 Chromebook, ALO Island).

Really lush and involving, listening to acoustic on theses connected to Chord Mojo gave me goosebumps with how much weight the vocals and guitars had.The highs are good, but not emphasized. They just disappear in the ear with these.

Fit-wise, I'm finding them to fit very nicely.

the Spiral Dot tips also cut some mid-bass bloat that's very prominent with the stock tips.

335」等に続く、イヤモニの音を手軽に持ち歩ける製品として誕生しました。, └ ニュースやレビュー等の記事、あるいはCD・DVD等のカタログ情報、いずれもご提供可能です。. I do understand if a lot of this sound stuff sounds pretty fluffy, but on an overall basis, the FitEars sound pretty damn good. There's not much that haven't been said about this amazing universal IEM so I'll try not to repeat. Now I'm truly enjoying the sound of a very neutral and transparent TG334...which will be the case, if only FitEar realise that the stock tips are not doing their amazing TG334 justice. On a scale with all the headphones/IEMs I've owned, I'd probably put them on the same level as the Audeze LCD-2s and close, but a tad behind the HD800s. My favourite tips with these were the Ortofons, followed closely by the Spiral Dots. 334-000」を4月5日に発売する。価格はオープンプライスで、店頭予想価格は149,800円(10%ポイント還元)。ヨドバシカメラ新宿西口本店、マルチメディアAkiba、マルチメディア梅田と、ヨドバシ.comで販売する。, 昨年3月から発売している「FitEar TO GO! The overall level of SQ is still quite close between the two. As an example, on my Xperia, a good listenable volume for my UE 900s are around 80%, whereas these are closer to 50% of max. Since I have IE80 too and I'm searching for some upgrade.. could you give me a brief comparison between the two?

334」「FitEar TO GO! The silicone tips included are pretty trash, aftermarket tips are highly recommended. However, there seems to be no way to audition the 334 unless you live in Tokyo, or at least in Japan. No trebles. People have recommended going to JVC Spiral Dots, Ortofons, Complys, Spinfits, and the whole lot. The cable provided is of above-average quality bordering on excellent.

For instance PFE112 with only one transducer owns beautiful lush mids but the sound has no hi and low edges and the overall impression ends in bore. 335」等に続く、イヤモニの音を手軽に持ち歩ける製品として誕生しました。 FitEar TO GO! オンラインオーディオショウ「Audio Renaissance Online」今週末開催, TCL、量子ドット“QLED”搭載の4Kテレビ。Vision/Atmosで55型12万円, 小型・低価格、カジュアルになった「HomePod mini」。2台“オーディオ的”に, 定番機が“ブラックホール”で進化! By the way my regular headphone set reference is an old AKG K401 which I really adore and used to combine it with Graham Slee Voyager with the contour on (fills in greatly the lack of bass + big soundstage, fake or not fake is a matter of taste, but this is another story.). Would be awesome to see the two sets merged into one. I remember an old IEM UE TripleFi10 with great dynamics and spacial soundstage but the trebles were from behind a heavy curtain. They are on the slim side, have a very nice Oyaide plug, and easy to manage memory wire. To be fair, TG334 is a pretty old IEM now nearing 4 years, so it's quite good that it's able to compare so well still to the Andromedas, which are the cream of the universal IEM crop at the moment. Out of the box, the TG334 sounds bass enhanced with the stock tips but after experimenting with some tip rolling, I've discovered that the best tips to showcase the quality of the TG334 is the JVC Spiral Dot tips.

I'm also curious about the comfort and generally everyday use.

I don't think my explanation justify the experience, you must hear the TG334 for yourself to fully experience it.

現在発売中の「FitEar TO GO!

the mids are recessed, but not as much as the IE80. Mids, mids, bass, coherent tuning, soundstage, build quality. 334」「FitEar TO GO! 須山歯研は、3ウェイ、4ドライバー構成のバランスド・アーマチュア(BA)ユニットを搭載したカナル型(耳栓型)イヤフォン「FitEar TO GO! If I can find a FitEar with more extended treble, I'd probably switch my Andromeda for the brand again since I prefer the build and finish on FitEars and the overall feeling of quality they bring to the table. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. KEF「LS50Meta」×「GUNDAM SONG COVERS 2」, 須山歯研は、3ウェイ、4ドライバー構成のバランスド・アーマチュア(BA)ユニットを搭載したカナル型(耳栓型)イヤフォン「FitEar TO GO! Probably better than the HD 600/650s, but I haven't heard those in a while and the sound from them, while good, were a tad forgettable from my sources. Packaging is sober, pretty reflective of Japanese sensibilities.

However, they're a bit springy and not too soft. FitEar is a Japanese IEM company, whose products have gotten a lot of praise on head-fi for their sound and build quality.

Expensive as all get out, and pretty hard to pick up new outside of Asia due to the limited number of suppliers.

Please take note, the TG334 is not an IEM that has a perfectly flat frequency response but it's definitely a very musical one that is tuned in a way to produce the sound that moves the listener.

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I've found the mid-bass of the PFE232 far too bloated for my preference, I prefer the TG334 in that area although it's not perfectly flat but it has a more natural sound presentation which excels in vocal material. Hi! The overall sound signature I'd classify as mostly flat with a slight uptick in the bass and tiny bit of roll-off in the treble. Copyright © CDJournal All Rights Reserved. Perhaps the TG334 is the solution? JavaScript is disabled. 334 4-driver balanced armature IEMs. The TG334 do.

Seems the two little BA transducers inside aren't capable to cover alongside the whole fq spectrum, but this is a smart tuned set anyway and the sound is pleasant. This is a review of the FitEar ToGo!

If you rock white Common Projects rather than red Balenciagas kicks on the daily, then these will appeal to you. 334 4-driver balanced armature IEMs. My second favourite IEMs owned so far after the Andromeda, They remind me a tad of the Westone 3s I've had before regarding the fun-ness sound signature, but with better mids, soundstage and fixing all of the issues I've had on those regarding hiss and fit.

Impress Corporation. I'm affraid the Fitear will be kind of muffled, with no trebles whom you found in Phonak's peaky.