Prime Minister Gao is still suspicious of the Crown Prince because of what happened at the western border and Danchi, and guesses he must have someone behind him. Pei Zhao asks Yong Niang to give the items to Xiao Feng and tells her the gifts and the letter are from the King of Xi State.

Gu Jian doesn’t want to see her sad, and also doesn’t want history to repeat itself. Pei Zhao remembers Cheng Yin asked him to take her there and thought it would resolve Xiao Feng’s emotional burdens. In addition to this, the original series, a director’s cut was released later in 2019, featuring never-before-aired scenes and extra episodes. Your email address will not be published. So in every series we have our lovely female protagonist Xiao Feng (acted by Peng Xiao Ran.

Li: Well harvesting tea leaves requires me to be out in the sun… ~~ Adaptado de la novela de Fei Wo Si Cun del mismo nombre. Xiaowu carried her off into their quarters while xiaofeng was hitting him and … I believe the rape did occur. Oh you’ve said everything I thought about the drama esp on the weaknesses but overall it’s pretty okay-ish drama. I was hoping there would be some good political conspiracies to help pad out the rest of the show (the Crown Prince’s rebellion was child’s play), but it turns out my expectations were just too high. In the novel, Li Chengyin is heartless, selfish, and power-hungry, and he isn’t afraid to admit it.

Yeah, love is just never enough, no matter what. Goodbye My Princess episode 26 makes me tear up. Xiao Feng tells Yong Niang to take all the decorations down because it reminds her the blood from the people of Dan Chi.

Goodbye My Princess is yet another example of the typical Chinese drama that starts off as a pretty engaging show, starts falling apart in the middle, and can barely hold itself together by the time it reaches the finish line. He realizes that for certain things, he only have one chance to choose.

Gu Jian shows up and says that they miss her a lot. I did also find Chen Xing Xu overacted sometimes during the early Gu Xiao Wu arc but it got better later. Xiao: It’s the CROWN PRINCE OF THE LI DYNASTY.

Comentarios. Chai Mu agrees, “If you get rid of all of them, you are more likely to become exposed.” Goodbye My Princess episode 26 is so good. Having received overwhelming love and admiration as the 9th Princess, Xiao Feng is forced to leave the life that she has known in order to become the Crown Princess. It’s an okay drama no wow factors or anything for me it’s just the acting the leads tends to overreact a lot and they both cannot act emotional scenes well. その昔、中原の豊朝(れいちょう)、西域の西州(せいしゅう)、移動を続ける民の国・丹蚩(たんし)、老王の治める朔博(さくはく)という四つの国は勢力を競いながらも、互いに政略結婚を重ね戦乱の危機から免れていました。 Tbh, the first 10 episodes were the most uncomfortable to watch for me because Li Cheng Yin as Gu Xiao Wu felt incredibly psychopathic to me. Then I found myself liking the drama more and more as I fell into the trap of forgiving him, or even pitying him. Everyone who is commenting are experts on acting skills. He is Li Chengyin (acted by Chen Xingxu), not only related to the Li Dynasty but he is the fifth prince.

Goodbye My Princess episode 25 is so nice.